Below you will find a list of  Frequently Asked Questions, and corresponding answers, with reference to the CERA ventilation system.

Is your specific question is not answered through the FAQ, please contact the Barcol-Air technical staff: call +31 (0)299 689300.

How does the CERA system work?

The system consists of a ventilation control unit called the CERA unit, which is installed in each apartment. By measuring the air quality (i.e. the CO2 levels in the home), the amount of fresh air supplied into each apartment/room is kept to a minimum. Under normal conditions the air volume is controlled between a minimum and maximum flow based on local regulations. By adding a switch in the Kitchen (during cooking periods) and a switch in the bed/bathroom (during showering) the supplied air volumes will be increased to a higher factory calibrated set-point. During night time the system can be put in night-mode and providing sufficient fresh air into the bedroom.

At what time-frame are the push-button switches controlled?

Please find a detailed description on the control and time-frames in the documentation.

Are the CERA units to be outfitted with sound attenuators?

Not necessarily; the CERA unit is already very quiet in operation.

However some noise is always present. We recommend to use insulated attenuating flexible ducts on both ends of the CERA unit. Also because little installation effort is required.

Is it mandatory to use the switchgear mentioned in the wiring diagram?

No, we used this switchgear only as an example. Depending on the specifications, you can source the equivalent of the mentioned items in our wiring diagram.

Is it possible to connect the kitchen hood directly to the CERA system?

No, the CERA system is not suitable for direct connection of a non-fan kitchen hood.

Is it possible to filter microscopic dust through the CERA system?

Yes, this is possible.

However, this needs to be arranged with the supplier of the central heat recovery unit and a specialised filter supplier. Filtering microscopic dust in a city centre region is highly recommended.

Are units larger than Ø125 available? What is the recommend air volume range for a size Ø125?

Models larger than Ø125 are currently being developed by our engineering team. Please contact the Barcol-Air technical staff for more information (call +31 (0)299 689300).

Are the air ducts in the shafts leading to the CERA units, to be insulated?

No, other than with decentralised heat recovery units, the air ducts in the shaft leading to the CERA units do not necessarily have to be insulated.

Is the CERA unit available as a right handed as well as a left handed model?

Yes, both options are available and selected model need to be confirmed when ordered.

What has to be taken into account when selecting the central heat recovery unit?

When selecting the central heat recovery unit it’s important to make sure the low EPC-value is achieved when running on full capacity. The central heat recovery unit needs to provide sufficient (duct)pressure, preferably in combination with a silent operation. Above all the central heat recovery unit needs to be equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD).

How is the CERA unit to be maintained and how can it be reached?

First of all the CERA unit is very compact in size and take very little space. The units are equipped with a hinged cover and are therefore fully accessible. For questions regarding maintenance we refer to the local homeowner association or appointed maintenance party.

Can I build a CERA system out of a VAV system?

It is possible but not recommendable. Please contact the Barcol-Air technical staff for more information (call +31 (0)299 689300).