Below you will find a list of  Frequently Asked Questions, and corresponding answers, with reference to the CERA ventilation system.

Is your specific question is not answered through the FAQ, please contact the Barcol-Air technical staff: call +31 (0)299 689300.

Is it possible to log-in to a CERA unit through the BMS?

This is not possible with a standard CERA application.

However it is offered optionally. Please contact the Barcol-Air technical staff for more information (call +31 (0)299 689300).

How to commission a CERA unit?

Please follow the link to read more about commissioning a CERA-terminal.

At what CO2 level (PPM) will the CERA unit act?

Please refer to the documentation on the sequence of controls for more information.

How does the sequence of control work?

By measuring the CO2 level in the living room (and/or bedroom with the 2 zone CERA system), the sequence of control, will switch to increase the air volume flowing to the desired space. At the same time the push-button switch located in the kitchen and/or bathroom, when activated, can switch the CERA to a (temporarily) boost mode during kitchen- or bathroom-use.

Can the CERA unit be connected through a network cable and what are the advantages?

The sequence of operation of the CERA terminal is running on a BACnet communication protocol, through which you can easily make a connection to the network. Failures as well as control sequence can be operated from a central point. Therefor remotely controlled maintenance is possible.