Market conditions & Regulation

Now-a-days there is great demand for sustainable residential housing total solutions. As a result of rising land prices and a shortage of available space, homes in large, inner-city developments are getting smaller day-by-day. Additionally (local) governmental regulation is asking to minimize the amount of energy used in buildings, but at the same time to maintain sufficient fresh air inside the living space.

Finally, the quality of living is continuously improved by better and higher insulations, resulting in a reduction in background noise and the need for easy to operate and accurate control systems.

The CERA system is easy to implement hi rise residential construction concepts, especially where sustainability is a requirement. An example of this is the transformation from offices to homes, because the existing infrastructure of channels, shafts and technical rooms can be reused. The use of sustainable primary processes (heat pump, ATES installation or district heating) is also an option.


  • Compact, low-noise unit equipped with supply and return duct connections.
  • Equipped with internal insulation that does not come into contact with the air flow.
  • Airtight construction that meets airtightness class C.
  • Plug & play delivery; CERA control consisting of BACnet controller, Flo-Cross precision measuring device and special CERA software (remote management optional).
  • Supplied free of fan and filters - access to the home for maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  • Unit type CERA-2 measures the CO2 content in both the living room and the bedroom; a special 3-way valve is equipped with an actuator and sends the air to the requested space.